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Book & DVD Release

Janet Bran-Hollis just releases her book and DVD called "Our Duty to Israel". Click through for more information.

Prophetic Word for 2015

Find your way to the prophetic word for 2015 by clicking the image.

Fasting & Prayer Pointers for 6 May 2015

Please mobilise your church for our monthly fasting and pray for our country. Click for more details.

Open Prophetic Evenings (2015)

Register for the Open Prophetic Evenings of 2015 now.

Prophetic Words & News

Fasting & Prayer Pointers for 18 june 2015

In the light of what has taken place in our nation in the last few weeks, we are all suffering horribly from the effects of XENOPHOBIA, or...
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South Africa it is time to Arise!

This word was released by the personal intercessor of Randy Clarke’s ministry – Global Awakening   South Africa it is time to Arise!...
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Prophetic Dream – January 2015

This dream was submitted to our ministry, we publish it as we know the history and have a sound relationship with this prophetess, Nina. It is as...
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